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    Exclamation magnify icons in a frame on mouse move over


    I m developing a widget using java.I want to do a button icon magnification on mouse move over using java. ie., i want to implement something similar to the application OBJECT DOCK(stardock). In tat application when the mouse moves over an icon , the icon magnifies and the frame expands according to the magnified size. how do i implement this using java.

    Any help with a code implemented in java or any website tat has information on implemeting this feature in java with regard to the query is welcomed.

    Thankx in advance.

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    Re: magnify icons in a frame on mouse move over

    I don't know what OBJECT DOCK(stardock) does so can't help you reproduce it but the first thing you need to do is use a MouseListener to find out when the mouse has entered or exited the component. Then, on entry, you can draw your icon at a larger size and on exit draw the icon at the normal size.
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    Re: magnify icons in a frame on mouse move over

    Thankx for ur response..

    Ya i did a mouse listener.. i m using a button which contains the image icon. so on magnifying the background image is differing.. and also the frame size differs.. my frame has a image panel. so wen the image expands , the height of the frame is altered. so the last image is cut because of the increase of image. i m not able to add another image panel on mouse move over..

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