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    Concat multiple values of same field on 1 detail line

    Table 1 Table 2
    1 1 a
    2 1 b
    3 1 c

    I want to concatenate a b c onto a single details line for the value in Table 1.

    This is as far as I got but the array only ever returns 1 value and so the loop never works.

    Dim arrTestodes
    arrTestodes = array({Table2.Column2})

    Dim i
    Dim stringoftests
    i = 1

    Do while i <= ubound(arrTestodes)
    if i < 2 then
    stringoftests = totext(arrTestodes(i))
    stringoftests = stringoftests + ", " + ToText(arrTestodes(i))
    end if
    i = i + 1
    formula = stringoftests

    Where am I going wrong?

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    Re: Concat multiple values of same field on 1 detail line

    Study the next solution, where we are concatenating a field and display the
    resulting string at group or report footer in only one line, perhaps it can help to resolve
    your problem

    To do that, you have to create 3 formulas:

    The first one, let's call it @null:
    stringvar names := "";
    Place it in your GH section, it will return you null.

    The second one, let's say @comma_field:
    stringvar names;
    names := names & ", " & {table.field};
    Place it in your Detailes section which you can suppress; the formula will return you next:
    , Jules, Christina, Paul

    and the 3rd formula, let's call it @final (or whatever you like):
    stringvar names;
    Mid(names, 3);
    Place it in your GF or report section.

    ... If your problem is fixed don't forget to mark your threads as resolved using the Thread Tools menu ...

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    Re: Concat multiple values of same field on 1 detail line

    Ahh, I understand the logic now, thanks for your help!

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