Im trying to use a 'for loop' in order to create a program where the user inputs 'N' amount of gold coins e.g: 50 and that also becomes the amount of items in total they are allowed to purchase. e.g: the 3 items 'Pot, Wan and Char' have to equal up to 'N' items and 'N' gold coins.

pots worth 7 gold coins each
wan worth 2
and char worth 0.5
int Coins;

	int Pot;
	int Wan;
	double Char;
	cin >> Coins;
	int Items = Coins;
	for (Pot = 0; Pot < Items; Pot++) {
		for(Wan = 0; Wan < Items; Wan++) {
			for(Char = 0; Char < Items; Char++) {
	Pot = Pot / 7;
	Wan = Wan / 2;
	Char = Char / 0.5;
how can i create a brute force approach that checks all possible cases against the two constraints in this problem.

the output would show how many items of each sort the user can purcahse if they must purchase exactly N items with N gold coins.