Runtime Error 3021 BOF EOF
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Thread: Runtime Error 3021 BOF EOF

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    Unhappy Runtime Error 3021 BOF EOF

    Call Opendbase
    rs.Open "Select * from tblBorrowedBooks where IDNumber = '" & txtID.Text & "' and BookTitle= '" & txttitle.Text & "' and Copies = " & BorrowedBooksGrid.TextMatrix(BorrowedBooksGrid.Row, 9) & "", cn, 3, 2
    If Not rs.BOF And rs.EOF Then
    rs!Copies = Val(copy.Text) + Val(txt.Text)
        MsgBox "Book Borrowed. . . ."
        copy.Text = ""
        rs.MoveFirst '<---------Error Here il try to change it to movelast but the same error
     End If
    End If
    any BOF EOF solution syntax for my code help me plss
    i dont want to use error handler because nothing happen the program only bypass the Error pls help me guys

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    Re: Runtime Error 3021 BOF EOF

    If Not rs.BOF And rs.EOF Then
    If both BOF and EOF is true as would be the case in your else senario then there are no records in the recordset therefore there is no first or last to move to and it is giving you an error.

    What you need in your else is something more like.

    Msgbox "Record not found"

    Edit: On another note you should be closing your recordset outside the If block. as is it is only closing the recordset when the If condition is true. moving the close statement after the end if will close it in either case.
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