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    Binding from a XML file to UserControl through DependencyProperty

    Hello everyone,

    I am making a sample application test with WPF creating some UserControls to increase maintainability.

    In this way I created a toolbar usercontrol where I put a combobox and I created a dependency property, since it's the best tool for binding than datacontext when having more than one binding, and in main xaml I called a xmldataprovider loading a xml file to fill the combo box in the UserControl.

    in the toolbar's usercontrol xaml file I put

    <pre><ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Path=epToolbarItemSource, RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type UserControl}}}" DisplayMemberPath="shortname" /></pre>

    In the toolbar's usercontrol xaml.cs file I declared the dependency property as:

    <pre>public static DependencyProperty ItemSourceToolbarProperty;

    static epToolbar()
    epToolbar.ItemSourceToolbarProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("epToolbarItemSource", typeof(IEnumerable),

    public IEnumerable ItemSourceToolbar
    get { return (IEnumerable)GetValue(epToolbar.ItemSourceToolbarProperty); }
    set { SetValue(epToolbar.ItemSourceToolbarProperty, value); }

    In the Window.xaml file I declared the xmldataprovider as:

    <pre><XmlDataProvider x:Key="dpOperators" XPath="operators" Source="/Data/Operators.xml" IsInitialLoadEnabled="True" /></pre>

    and I declared the usercontrol setting the dependency property I thought it was correctly declared, epToolbarItemSource:

    <pre><uc:epToolbar DockPanel.Dock="Top" epToolbarItemSource="{Binding Source=dpOperators, Mode=TwoWay}" /></pre>

    In the examples found about Dependency Properties I always read the dependency property can be called as a property attribute when calling the usercontrol but in this case it says an error like: "The property 'epToolbarItemSource' was not found in type 'epToolbar'."

    So I am asking here what's the right syntax to bind the content of xml file to the combo in the way I add new operators in the xmldataprovider so they would be inserted in xml file and refreshed the combo box?

    Thanks in advance to all

    Cheers, Luigi
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