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Thread: ER to relational mapping!

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    ER to relational mapping!


    Here is my problem description:

    2 entities:

    a) Employee{salary,shift}

    b) Weak Entity:

    Service{hours, Data/Workcode}

    The Date /Workcode is a partial key which has it's own attributes namely DAte and Work Code.

    The above two entities are connected via a relationship named "Maintain".

    The resulting table must be like this:

    Table Name: MAINTAIN

    Salary | Date/Workcode | Hours.

    I'm confused which attribute of Employee entitiy I should selest as a primary key as nothing among Shift and Salary is mentioned as a key.

    Is my table correct above?

    Do I need to include Date/Workcode attributes as well as a separate table?If yes could you tell me what could be the resulting table?

    While mapping to Relational model,I'm confused what would be the primary key for Employees entity?
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