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    Basic Input/Output help

    im relatively new to C++ programming and have begun my first few steps into it these past few weeks but have hit a few speed bumps. i've just recently gotten out of the marine corps so im a bit of a slow learner, and in my Programming class im taking at college im a little behind the power curve; so can anyone help me with this assignment?

    "This program will obtain from the user the userís full name, current annual salary and a percent
    increase due on that salary. Assume that the new pay rate should have been in effect on
    January 1, and it is now July 1 (6 months later). Calculate, store, and output the new annual
    salary, the new monthly salary, and the retroactive pay due. Retroactive pay is the difference
    between what they should have received had they gotten their raise on Jan. 1 and what they
    did receive. This program should run 3 times using the appropriate loop. At the end of each
    iteration of the loop the cursor should wait until the user presses the enter key before it loops.
    In other words, it should not just output the words ď<Press enter to continue>Ē, but the
    program should wait for the user to press enter before it continues."

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Basic Input/Output help

    What have you tried to do? Most people here won't help unless you have shown you have put in some effort.

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    Re: Basic Input/Output help

    not much yet. I hacked together some lines of code that I thought should have worked, and the program im running "eclipse", kept coming up with the error "username" undeclared. I had the libraries iomanip and iostream. im really looking for any help at this point; i have 54 study hours a week, and only 6 of them are for programming. if nobody wants to help, i understand. i was just hoping somebody would have some spare time to give advice

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    Re: Basic Input/Output help

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