how to crect the error
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Thread: how to crect the error

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    Wink how to crect the error

    Hi all .
    I want to ask a question. I wrote a program , but when compiling , it reminds there are something wrong with the following code:
                      if(err = WFS_init (instr.selected_id, &instr.handle))
    WFS_init () is one of the lib functions I used in the program and other lib functions are OK. What's more, the WFS_init() function also works well when I use it in other programs. the error is like this:
    error C2664: 'WFS_init' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'int *' to 'unsigned long *'
            Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or   function-style cast
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    Re: how to crect the error

    The error message is quite clear. You are converting a int-pointer to a unsigned long-pointer without safely casting it.

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