I am in college and taking my C++ fundamentals 1 class now.
I am an IT personal not a programmer
And this course is required to my degree
I am looking for a developer that can do the work for me
Every week we get a basic c++ comands to compile
Each week it become just a lil bit more complicated
But never something that goes more then the basic fundamentals

There is an additional course project where you will need to write a programs using all that was presented in class

Every assignment is documented and exapmles are presented to us

I am looking for someone to do the each week assignments
Each week a new assignments

That person will receive a doc file with specific requirements and will need to write the short program

Also provide a course project at the end

Whoever is interested please send me your offer per assignment (fixed rate) for the entire semester

Total of 9 short programs and one project
Example for a weekly project can be send to whoever want

Offers to be send as a PM
If we go further I will give my email
Payment after each assignment via paypal
Thank you