I'm looking for someone who excells at GUI design and implementation to write a graphical editor front-end for the next version of my visual scripting language API, which is aimed at game development tasks like AI, zone mechanics, quests, etc.

Since the API is mainly intended for use in games, I'd like to make the editor as attractive as possible by using the latest GDI features (translucent windows, rounded corners, etc). The look & feel of a visual scripting language are crucial.

The target platform is Windows (for now) and I'd prefer to use Visual C++ and the GDI (tho, DirectX is an option). I can either pay on a contract basis, or take a partner on with a share of the company. Location isn't an issue, but Skype and English are a must.

Here are some of the tasks the editor must perform:
- Parse a text file that describes the available script functions.
- Allow multiple scripts to be open for editing simutaneously.
- Display and edit the function calls and visual their layout.
- Display and edit the connections between function calls.
- Interface with local or remote servers running the API.
- Debug scripts by monitoring their activity in realtime (part of the API).
- Ideally, I'd like to support skins.

If you're interested, please contact me via private message / email.