Getting into the games industry is really hard, and I imagine there's a bunch of you here that are looking for ins and for opportunities. I'm here to tell you about one such opportunity.

At Whisper Game Studios, we look for people with the motivation, talent and dedication required to break into the industry. We all know the usual catch-22 where in order to get experience in the industry you need to have had that experience already to get hired. That's what we aim to provide. Whisper was set up by students for students, and we've been moving and shaking since 2008. We're not an official company, but we are a primarily web-based team who all really just want to make the best games we want to see made.

We're currently looking for:

C#, C++, Objective-C Programmers

Here's the trailer for the XBLIG "Elysia" we're currently working on, to give you an example of what we do.

All of our team members are volunteers of all ages who work for the experience. Whilst we do not offer regular paychecks, we do provide a percentage split of the revenue for each game that our team members work on, based on the level of contribution each person has made to the game.

Do not consider this to be an application for a full-time job, but rather consider it to be an application to work in your spare time on Indie Games, with monetary compensation for your efforts from each of our games once they have been released, if you choose to stay on with us after each release.

Whisper is not obligated to provide our team members with monetary compensation, but we do so because we understand what it means to put all of your effort into projects like ours, and we really want to reward all of our dedicated team with all of the benefits they deserve.

When Whisper has a physical studio, which we're currently aiming to base in Seattle, all team members are given the opportunity to move to Seattle and become full-time employees within the same roles that they are in at the time of company-creation. International team members and those financially unable to move are welcome to continue working in our cloud-based setup from home.

We use a variety of software and web-services to allow us to communicate and develop within; some examples of which currently include: Skype, Dropbox, ClockingIT, TortoiseSVN and Google Apps.

Our projects currently revolve around XNA Game Studio 4.0 with Xbox Live Indie Games and PC, but we are soon looking to be moving into the iOS, Windows 7 Phone and Android markets.

We have a listing here of the full positions we're currently looking to fill (there's no real limit to how many people we're looking for, so if you're interested, why not send us an email?)