I want to have some Gauges (eq http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...spx#GaugeTypes)
on my Form so i looked and seached if there where Gauges included in the Visual builder.
It looks like there aren't any Gauges in the Visual toolbox but Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 does have a collection of gauges.
Is it possible to use these gauges on a normal Form (like the included Toolbox controls) without all the report builder part around it?

Alternatives would be:
a) Freeware gauges - Haven't found any
b) buy a gauge library - Much to expensive as the program i need it for is a little hobby project
c) Build it myself - Good learning leson, but feels like reinventing the weel and the gauges i have seen are much better than i can ever make.