Multiple colors in one screen cmd
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Thread: Multiple colors in one screen cmd

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    Multiple colors in one screen cmd

    Hi all,

    i've found several things to change the font color in the system output.

    You can also use (windows only) system("color xy");
    or define it in main with: SetConsoleTextAttribute(hConsole, 7);

    Only the thing is, these lines affect everything. I realy like to know how i can set 2 characters in red and 2 in bue or something

    Or maybe you can tell: system("color xy") where to stop using the colors and define new characters.

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    Re: Multiple colors in one screen cmd

    The command line window stores characters and their colors in a big array.
    See or search google with "color b800 video dos".
    So, usually, you change the color of something by changing a few bytes in memory. The example is given in assembly, but it is the same thing for C, or maybe you can include some lines of assembly code into your C source file.

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    Re: Multiple colors in one screen cmd

    Thanks for the reply, i think i have to make some time free for this, still a newbie

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    Re: Multiple colors in one screen cmd

    I have never used it but this might an easier way than writing your own libs

    Edit: or this one maybe (see also
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    Re: Multiple colors in one screen cmd

    Ok i found the following solution:

    void menu4()
    	HANDLE hStdout;
    	hStdout = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
    	int col1 = 6; // Define colors.
    	int col2 = 7; // "           "
    	int col3 = 3; // "           "
    	int loop=1;
    	int men4;
    			SetConsoleTextAttribute(hStdout, col1); // Set text color
    				cout << "\n ::Networking Tools::\n";  SetConsoleTextAttribute(hStdout, col2); // Change color back to original.
                              cout	<< "\n 1) Ping (Checks with icmp packet requests to see if a host is \"online\"."
    					<< "\n 2) Traceroute (Good way to follow your network packets)."
    					<< "\n 3) DNS Lookup (Gather DNS information)."; SetConsoleTextAttribute(hStdout, col3); cout
    					<< "\n\n 0) Return to main menu." << endl << endl; SetConsoleTextAttribute(hStdout, col2); cout
    					<< " Your choice (0..9): ";
    						while(!(cin >> men4)){
    						cin.ignore(numeric_limits<streamsize>::max(), '\n');
    						cout << " Invalid input, try again.";
    						cout << "\n Your choice(0..9): ";
    							case 1:
    							case 2:
    							case 3:
    							case 0:

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