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Thread: C#. asp.net 2010 development plan

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    C#. asp.net 2010 development plan

    I am trying to decide the best way to develop and add some new web forms to an existing C# asp.net 2010 webform application. Basically my new webpages need to be kept separate from the other developer since his new pages are due sooner than mine are. I am basically going to have the user select my pages from the 'main' selection menu.

    I am, thinking of using one of the following options:

    1. I am thinking of using a version of the general webforms solution file and add my code to it in a new aspx file. This way I will use the same master pages, site navigation, and user login credentials. Thus when my code is ready, i will add the new aspx file to the general webforms solution. Is this possbile? How would i accomplish this task? Would i setup a user control?

    2. I would create the new webforms in a solution file separate from the general webforms solution file. I would not put the 'master' pages logic into my individual web forms. When I am finished, i will add by code to the general webforms solution file.

    Note: I am in a small company and we use subversion as our version control software.

    What mehtod would you use and do you have any recommendations that I should follow? Would you accomplish this task differently? if so, would you tell me how to accomplish this task in a different manner?

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    Re: C#. asp.net 2010 development plan

    ASP applications are reasonably portable.. Once compiled all you really need are the AS?X files, and compiled DLL file.. (urm and any linked in Scripts and CSS files)

    Place them all in the relevant folders on the server and link to it...

    Often it's better to use the Master page, CSS and Scripts from the original site in your project, so that you minimize duplication and conflicting Master page settings..

    Either one of your possible methods is fine however ..

    #1 - You code will be compiled into the original DLL, if there are others that will be making changes to the code on a different dev system, they may just kill yours..

    #2 - With out the Master page, you wont be able to dbl check the layout as compared to the rest of the site...
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