I am in the processing of trying to run a C # asp.net 2010 web application from my workstation so I can understand it and add my own webpages to the application. However to get this application to run, I am trying to determine what the following values should be in the web.config file:
<add key="ReportViewerServerConnection" value="" />
<add key="ReportViewerUser" value="" />
<add key="ReportViewerPassword" value="" />
<add key="ReportViewerDomain" value="" />
<add key="ReportServerUrl" value="" />
<add key="ReportsPath" value="" />

Let me know if the following settings are correct and/or what would you recommend?
<add key="ReportViewerUser" value=general company name? />
<add key="ReportViewerPassword" value=general company value />
<add key="ReportViewerDomain" value=general company domain or report server doamian?/>
<add key="ReportServerUrl" value="http://localhost/reportserver" />
<add key="ReportsPath" value="" /> where would this reports path be on my local workstation?

NOTE: I have C#.net 2008 desktop experience, but this is the first time I am working on anasp.net 2010 application.