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Thread: Array of constant values as template parameter

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    Array of constant values as template parameter


    It's been a while since I checked in here.

    Is it possible to use an array of constant values as a template parameter. I am writing preliminary benchmark code for ISO/IEC 14882:2011, so I could also use std::array or std::initializer_list.

    In the mathematical template below, I use integer coefficients. The template has order 3.

    template<const std::size_t order,
             const std::uint_least16_t B0,
             const std::uint_least16_t B1,
             const std::uint_least16_t B2,
             const std::uint_least16_t B3>
    struct order3_math
      // Do order-3 math.
    If I want to write more generic code, I could use order N and an array-type template parameter. But it does not work with compilers like VS2010 and GCC 4.6.x. Can it work or *should* something like this ever work without variadic templates?

    // Can I do anything like this?
    template<const std::size_t order,
             const std::array<std::uint_least16_t, order> coefficients>
    struct orderN_math
      // Do order-N math.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Chris.
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