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Thread: C# references

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    C# references

    I have a 2008 desktop application that uses some third party software. Since the third party software venfor went out of, I can not ask them any questions about their code. Due to this fact, I have the following questions:

    1. I know these third party components had to of been added as a reference. However, can you tell me if there is a way to tell how these third party components were added to the application? For example, could these components have been added as COM, .net components, and/or browse to a location?

    2. If I want to remove any of these third party components from this visual studio 2008 C# desktop application, can you tell me how I wouldremove these items?

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    Re: C# references

    1) It doesn't matter really how they were added in terms of .net or browse.

    The important point is the component is a referenced assembly so it needs to be present for your program to work.

    The exception to this is adding a COM component. When you add a COM component to the project, Visual Studio creates a C# wrapper class for you. Your code calls the wrapper class, and the wrapper calls the COM component. Of course, the COM component must be registered on the machine where you run your program for things to work.

    2) Make a copy of the project and then simply delete the references to these components in your project. You'll have to correct any of the compile errors by replacing the functionality with your own (or by removing that functionality).

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