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    Subclassing Listview

    I have been trying to subclass my Listview so I can do some custom drawing, but, it seems no matter what I try it glitches out.

    This is my current Code

    Public Function WindowProcChannel(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal uMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
        On Error Resume Next
        If ((uMsg And WM_DRAWITEM) = WM_DRAWITEM) Then
            Dim udtDIS As DRAWITEMSTRUCT
            If ((lParam = 0) Or (wParam > 0)) Then
                Exit Function
            End If
            Call CopyMemory(udtDIS, ByVal lParam, Len(udtDIS))
            Select Case (udtDIS.ItemAction)
                Case ODA_DRAWENTIRE:
                    If (udtDIS.ItemId = -1) Then
                        Exit Function
                    End If
                    DrawChannel udtDIS, hwnd
                    Exit Function
            End Select
       ' ElseIf ((uMsg And WM_NOTIFY) = WM_NOTIFY) Then
           ' Dim udtNMHDR As NMHDR
            'If ((lParam = 0) Or (wParam > 0)) Then
               ' Exit Function
            'End If
            'Call CopyMemory(udtNMHDR, ByVal lParam, LenB(udtNMHDR))
            'Select Case (udtNMHDR.code)
               ' Case LVN_BEGINDRAG:  Exit Function
               ' Case LVN_BEGINRDRAG: Exit Function
           ' End Select
        End If
        WindowProcChannel = CallWindowProc(hWnd_Config, hwnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam)
    End Function
    Public Sub DrawChannel(ByRef udtDIS As DRAWITEMSTRUCT, hwnd As Long)
        Dim uRECT   As RECT
        Dim hDC     As Long
        Dim Index As Integer
        Dim Brush As Long
        Dim Pen As Long
        Dim PingPOS As Long
            PingPOS = 180
        Index = udtDIS.ItemId + 1
         With uRECT
            .Top = udtDIS.rcItem.Top
            .Bottom = udtDIS.rcItem.Bottom
            .Left = udtDIS.rcItem.Left
            .Right = udtDIS.rcItem.Right + 100
        End With
        Brush = CreateSolidBrush(vbBlack)
        DrawFocusRect udtDIS.hDC, uRECT
        FillRect udtDIS.hDC, uRECT, Brush
        DeleteObject Brush
         With udtDIS.rcItem
            .Left = (udtDIS.rcItem.Left + 1)
            .Top = (udtDIS.rcItem.Top + 1)
        End With
        If frmMain.lvChannel(View).ListItems.Count > SendMessage(frmMain.lvChannel(View).hwnd, LVM_GETCOUNTPERPAGE, 0&, ByVal 0&) Then
            PingPOS = 160
            PingPOS = 180
        End If
        hDC = CreateCompatibleDC(udtDIS.hDC)
        SelectObject hDC, frmMain.ClientImages.ListImages(PickIcon(Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Product, Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Flags)).Picture.Handle
        BitBlt udtDIS.hDC, udtDIS.rcItem.Left, udtDIS.rcItem.Top, 36, 17, hDC, 0, 0, vbSrcCopy
        With uRECT
            .Left = (udtDIS.rcItem.Left + 40)
            .Right = udtDIS.rcItem.Right
            .Top = udtDIS.rcItem.Top + 2
            .Bottom = (udtDIS.rcItem.Top + 17)
        End With
        'draw the Username
        SetTextColor udtDIS.hDC, PickColor(Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Product, Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Flags)
        DrawText udtDIS.hDC, Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Username, Len(Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Username), uRECT, (DT_VCENTER Or DT_LEFT)
         'Draw the PING ICON
        SelectObject hDC, frmMain.ClientImages.ListImages(GetLag(Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Ping, Profiles.Profile(View).Channel.User(Index).Flags)).Picture.Handle
        BitBlt udtDIS.hDC, PingPOS, udtDIS.rcItem.Top, 35, 17, hDC, 0, 0, vbSrcCopy
        If (udtDIS.ItemState And ODS_SELECTED) Then
            Brush = SelectObject(udtDIS.hDC, GetStockObject(NULL_BRUSH))
            Pen = SelectObject(udtDIS.hDC, CreatePen(0, 1, vbBotNet))
            Rectangle udtDIS.hDC, udtDIS.rcItem.Left, udtDIS.rcItem.Top, udtDIS.rcItem.Right, udtDIS.rcItem.Bottom
            DeleteDC Brush
            DeleteDC Pen
            Brush = SelectObject(udtDIS.hDC, GetStockObject(NULL_BRUSH))
            Pen = SelectObject(udtDIS.hDC, CreatePen(0, 1, vbBlack))
            Rectangle udtDIS.hDC, udtDIS.rcItem.Left, udtDIS.rcItem.Top, udtDIS.rcItem.Right, (udtDIS.rcItem.Top + 17)
            DeleteDC Brush
            DeleteDC Pen
        End If
        DeleteDC hDC
    End Sub
    It's a bit sloppy now, but its just some trail and error coding, maybe I can get some insight on what i'm doing wrong?

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    Re: Subclassing Listview

    Explain what you even *think* you're trying to do... Really can't tell if it's good, evil, or what?

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    Re: Subclassing Listview

    Subclassing is always difficult to debug.
    You should at least describe what kind of "glitching" happens, and if you had tried to determine in which part/line of the program it happens.

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    Re: Subclassing Listview

    Soo, in response, the glitching happens when all of a sudden i add multiple entry's at once.

    or, I scroll thought the list. Seems that the Listview either lags out, and "glitches", or for some reason im not getting the drawing messages anymore.

    Basically What i really want to ask is if I am Subclassing the listview correctly. to grab the event of an entry being added or removed or edited.

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    Re: Subclassing Listview

    I cant find where to edit the post but, It happens in the draw function, im going to assume when im drawing, im not doing it right, or something.

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