I am writing a WPF dialog app that contains a "Create" button that launches a wizard. (The app itself is not a wizard, but launches a wizard when a button is pressed.) The wizard will present a series of pages (pre-definied order) that asks the user various questions about what he wants to create. I am writing in C#.

I was able to create and display a NavigationWindow on button click. I was able to display the first page using the NavigationWindow's Source attribute. When the button is clicked, I see the NavigationWindow with its back and next arrow buttons, and I see the first page of the series. All that is working!

However, the NavigationWindow's next arrow is disabled, and I don't know how to specify the next (second) page in the series. I want the NavigationWindow's next arrow to be enabled, and when selected, I want it to navigate to the next (second) page. How can I do this?

The NavigationWindow and Page examples I have seen on the web are geared toward remembering the history of selected links. The back and forth arrows move through this history of clicks, but don't know the next page unless the user has backed up first (very IE Browser like). Is it inappropriate to use these classes for a wizard with pre-defined order rather than a history as the web examples show. If so, what should I use instead?