I and my company, localhost Ltd., with the help of a few communities are developing a very promising project and what I consider a breakthrough for the Internet and the cloud. My opinion is that it will reshape our point of view, our job type and our way of collaborating and developing applications on the cloud today.

I am talking of a project which I call ALPHA Script and is on the early stages of the development phase.

Please read the following brief explanation and please comment or say your opinions and ideas.

ALPHA Script is a unified programming meta-language.
ALPHA Script is either interpreted or compiled or both!
ALPHA Script is just a front-end and a framework that represents an abstract layer of a unified programming meta-language that can be converted, according to general needs or explicit needs, into specific code of various programming languages. ALPHA Script does that by using directives that control and command the final output language. You may have noticed that I call the ALPHA Script a meta-language. This is because ALPHA Script is not a programming language by itself and does not produce an interpreted or compiled code for its own syntax.
But, why would anybody need a unified programming language when he could write in any other language at any time? Well the answer is obvious and it's all about simplicity, unification and interoperability!
Imagine our world of not having an internationally accepted language, such as English, that can communicate and exchange goods. This would be a disaster because then we would have to learn each and every language on this planet!
So why do we still keep doing this to ourselves in the field of computer science and informatics in general? Maybe it is the time to involve and make a breakthrough!

This is the concept behind ALPHA Script. A way to develop a simple and commonly used meta-language that can be converted to any specific code.

See figure: http://alpha-cms.localhost-ltd.com/A...ript%20Dia.png

As you may have noticed ALPHA Script is not just a programming meta-language but a framework of hierarchical interconnected sub entities which cooperate to produce a result.

On top of the hierarchy is the ALPHA Script itself. ALPHA Script is just words - keywords and structures - written by the programmer.
The core part is the “Converter”. The “Converter” or “XML Generator” is an xml generation engine that converts ALPHA Script and outputs an XML in an abstract and generalized structure which then can be parsed by any “Sub-Converter”.
The “Sub-Converter” is language specific and its job is to convert the abstract and generalized structure of the XML into meaningful and running code for each programming language. The “Sub-Converter” needs not to be implemented in any specific language as long as it produces the right results.

Finally, it is important to notice that ALPHA Script is not compiled nor interpreted by itself and that is not an autonomous programming languages by itself.

The consortium has begun. Please take part. Your opinion has great POWER!


George Delaportas
Informatics & Computer Engineer
MSc in Data Communications & Networking
PhD in Digital Forensics