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Thread: Linq to SQL C# - number range

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    Linq to SQL C# - number range

    I would how I can complete this task

    In VB I have created an application with 2 textboxes.

    The user entered a min value in one box and a max value in the other box. I need it to pull from the DB the rows that have a record called BattingAverage that are between the 2 values enters.

    I tried this for when user clicks the sumbit button but i am way off from where i need to be. I am JUST learning c# but i figured this would be pretty easy.. guess i was wrong :P

    private void btnAverage_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

    playerBindingSource.DataSource =
    from PlayerID in database.Players
    where PlayerID.BattingAverage.CompareTo(txtMin.Text)
    orderby PlayerID.LastName
    select PlayerID;


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    Re: Linq to SQL C# - number range

    in a nut shell the where would be something like

    where battingavg >= min and battingavg <= max
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    Re: Linq to SQL C# - number range

    BETWEEN min AND max

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    Re: Linq to SQL C# - number range

    A this is a LINQ post I thought I'd link this LINQ link. I found this 'Dynamic LINQ' dynamic link library useful when I needed to build up LINQ queries on the fly.
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