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Thread: Extract a portion of sorted dictionary into an array

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    Extract a portion of sorted dictionary into an array


    How can extract a portion of a large dictionary<DateTime, string>, where DateTime is sorted? For example, i want to extarct all strings occur between 2010/10/01 to 2011/10/01 into an array, sorted either in time ascending or decending order? I was looking at sorteddictionary, but i just can't understand how to use it to achieve my purpose? can show me some codes?


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    Re: Extract a portion of sorted dictionary into an array

    This seems to work... there may be a better/more efficient way, I just don't know of it...

                Dictionary<DateTime, string> SampleDict = new Dictionary<DateTime, string>();
                SampleDict.Add(DateTime.Parse("10/1/2011"), "Alpha");
                SampleDict.Add(DateTime.Parse("10/20/2011"), "Bravo");
                SampleDict.Add(DateTime.Parse("10/13/2011"), "Charlie");
                SampleDict.Add(DateTime.Parse("10/22/2011"), "Delta");
                SampleDict.Add(DateTime.Parse("10/5/2011"), "Echo");
                var subSet = SampleDict.Where(item => item.Key > DateTime.Parse("10/1/2011") && item.Key < DateTime.Parse("10/22/2011")).OrderBy(item => item.Key);
                Dictionary<DateTime,string> results = subSet.ToDictionary(item => item.Key, item => item.Value);
                foreach (DateTime key in results.Keys)
                    Console.WriteLine("{0} : {1}", key.ToShortDateString(), results[key].ToString());

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    Re: Extract a portion of sorted dictionary into an array

    Thanks fcronin!

    Anyone else has a solution, probably using the sorteddictionary or sortedlist class? I am keen to know if there is a soultion without LINQ...

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