C++ hailstone sequence problem
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Thread: C++ hailstone sequence problem

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    Unhappy C++ hailstone sequence problem

    Write a program which:

    requests as input from the user two positive integers s and e, such that s < e.
    outputs (i) the integer n belonging to [s,e] that generates the longest Hailstone sequence Sn, and (ii) the length of this longest Sn

    i have no idea about how to use functions to implement this task...

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    Re: C++ hailstone sequence problem

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    Question Re: C++ hailstone sequence problem

    this is where i am, i don't know how to start from the lower number and go up to the larger number, also how to calculate the longest sequence you can get
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    Re: C++ hailstone sequence problem

    Presumably you would implement a function to compute the "hailstone sequence" (whatever that is) for a given value, and then return the length of the sequence. You would then simply call this function multiple times in a loop from s to e and record the largest result.

    EDIT: Wikipedia contains pseudocode for the hailstone function.

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    Re: C++ hailstone sequence problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Lindley View Post
    Wikipedia contains pseudocode for the hailstone function.
    Also, IIRC, there has been a discussion about that in this very forum section some months ago. I'd expect a forum search to discover interesting information...
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