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    Snapshot of any window in foreground? Similar to Task Switcher

    Title is self explainatory.
    Here is the code:
            public Bitmap CaptureWindow(IntPtr hWnd)
                Rectangle rctForm = Rectangle.Empty;
                IntPtr test = GetWindowDC(hWnd);
                Graphics grfx = Graphics.FromHdc(test);
                using (grfx)
                    RectangleF test2 = grfx.VisibleClipBounds;
                    rctForm = Rectangle.Round(grfx.VisibleClipBounds);
                Bitmap pImage = new Bitmap(rctForm.Width, rctForm.Height);
                Graphics graphics = Graphics.FromImage(pImage);
                IntPtr hDC = graphics.GetHdc();
                //paint control onto graphics using provided options        
                    PrintWindow(hWnd, hDC, (uint)0);
                return pImage;
    Now... It works for most of the windows but not all. Example: http://snpr.cm/ozRClN.jpg
    Non working: http://snpr.cm/HU2QuR.jpg. Its a Delphi program but i guess it doesnt matter. Same happens to few others.

    The function is called in on Load event of my Form containing PictureBox
     pictureBox1.Image = CaptureWindow(okienko);
    'okienko' is a handle to that window.

    I already tested out few solutions using gdi32.dll and user32.dll functions but without luck.

    1.What i have already discovered is different property of 'Graphics grfx = Graphics.FromHdc(test);'

    2.Working thumbnails has "IsVisibleClipEmpty" property set to false, while blank ones are true values.
    Screenshot: http://snpr.cm/vGytAV.jpg

    3.Function returns in this line each time it crashes:
     rctForm = Rectangle.Round(grfx.VisibleClipBounds);
    Im also curious how did they manage to do it in win7(alt-tab task switcher)? Do you have any clues mighty gurus? What could possibly set the IsVisibleClipEmpty property to true if i can get the handle to the window and see the content with my own eyes? Why is it blind for some windows and then miraculously cured the other second on?
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