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Thread: Bitwise Hex

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    Unhappy Bitwise Hex

    I'm newbie here
    I'm developing a GUI to manipulate the RS232 with a MyFARE Card Reader (some kind of RFID reader)
    I order to write or to read a block from the card, I send Hex message like "16 00 49 ab 47 xx" where xx is the checksum (the bitwise in Hex) of all other numbers (so : 16, 00, 49, 47)
    I Google it but all I can find is bitwise in binary not in hex, someone suggested that I convert all my numbers from hex to bin then do the bitwise with the '|' operator then convert back to hex .... I tried but actually never succeed it.
    So is there anyway to manage this problem for me ?

    I resume :
    Input : 16 00 49 ab 47
    output : the checksum of input
    16 = 00010110
    49 = 01001001
    47 = 01000111
    ======================== (XOR columns)
    x = 00011000 = 18

    thanks in advance
    PS: i'm using Visual 2010
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