This is my first post on this forum so please bear with me.
I'm trying to send epson fx printer code to the dot-matrix printer using function:

char* cSendBuf = "\0x1bl\0x03"; //set left margin - ESC 1 n
RawDataToPrinter( L"\\\\AGO\\Oki ML 520 Elite (IBM)", cSendBuf, strlen(cSendBuf) );

And I don`t know where to put the text "sample text"? Just behind the code: the text does not print. Before the code: text will not be set to the column specified in the code.

char* cSendBuf = "\0x1bl\0x03\sample text";
char* cSendBuf = "sample text\0x1bl\0x03";

How to look like the text and write the code?