Austin, TX
Small, nimble development team with growing customer base seeks to add an experienced EJB3 developer. We have an ambitious product roadmap and very focused objectives. This position is ideal for a 10x software developer who wants to dig in and take ownership of portions of the product.

We take a disruptive approach to our problem space, fundamentally different from that of our older, larger competitors. We have identified and targeted 10-year fastest-growing market segments that others have not begun to discover. Four years in, we maintain a startup culture of doers. We have a proven business model, solid revenue streams, and are near break-even. A recent infusion of venture capital now enables us to scale up the enterprise.

The core SaaS offering accelerates fund raising for causes, and signup for athletic events. It is rewarding to know that your product is helping people every day. Our software designs benefit from a founder with deep domain knowledge, one who identifies the real business needs driving customer feature requests. We envision solutions that differ from the stated request, yet are embraced readily by customers. The massively scalable, high-traffic and high-uptime platform allows us to offer unique solutions where competitors fall over.

Using a tailored practice based on lean agile methodologies, we make iterative releases. Your code will be released very frequently, rewarding customers right away. Enjoy a highly collaborative environment of camaraderie.

Our technology stack includes Java EJB/JSF/RichFaces, JBoss Seam, JBoss AS, Hibernate, and MySQL. We are looking for depth of experience in these robust technologies, and demonstrated ability to develop platforms and applications. In return, we pay competitive salaries in addition to stock options. To learn more, send us a résumé and tell us how you might best contribute.