Pressing a button in an webpage
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Thread: Pressing a button in an webpage

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    Pressing a button in an webpage

    Hello everybody,

    I have the following problem.

    I can download the content of a webpage on site using CInternetSession and CInternetSession::OpenURL().

    So far, so good.

    Now on the webpage I'm interest in there is a button, which, when pressed, downloads a file to my computer. Now I would like to write a code for downloading this file. That is, I want the server to "think" I have pressed the button. I looked up through GetHttpConnection and GetHttpConnection::OpenRequest() by I coudn't find how to do it.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Pressing a button in an webpage

    A button-press on a web page often sends a POST request to the server.

    You can "spy" on the communications between a working browser and the server, when you press a button, to see what messages are exchanged. Then you can write your program to mimic the exchanged messages. One popular "spy" is the Fiddler web proxy, see


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