The largest Zend PHP Conference (ZendCond) was held on October 17-20, 2011in Santa Clara, California. The 7th Annual Zend PHP Conference hosted PHP developers and IT managers from many countries of the world. QArea PHP programmers weren`t an exception. Together with the developers from all over the world they came to discuss new technologies and practices of PHP scripting language.
There were presented a spectrum of in-depth tutorials and technical sessions. The basic trends of the IT world were considered on the ZendCond 2011.
Here are the main themes of the Conference:
-User and Mobile Experience;
-Cloud Computing;
-Professional and Enterprise PHP.
QArea PHP engineers got many benefits that can be used in further work, such as:
- Discovered new advantages of the PHP language and the most appropreate ways to use them;
- Learned the possibility of leverage Zend Framework and changes in Zend Framework 2.0;
- Found out the way of use big PHP applications;
- Got more experience in architecture, design and development of PHP;
- Examined NoSQL and Cloud Computing technologies.
QArea team of PHP developers explored a lot of helpful information at ZenCon conference 2011. They derived a lot of fresh ideas in software development and significant innovations that can be used in programming today.