I have a "simple" question.

This is my first try at database programming. Other aspects of Delphi are a cake compared to this


I am building an app. I have everything ready, I just need the following. How to:

When I press a button, it reads a Text or Numbers from .mdb database?

I need to:

1. Press button 1
- 3 dbEdit fields change
2. Press button 2
- same dbEdit fields change with different values.
3, Same for other buttons. Just read values from proper ID.

I just don't know how to access the values in the .mdb file. Everything else I ready I think.

And also if any help:

Database Name: Enigma.mdb
Table: EnigmaTable
Field1: ID
Field2: EngineLevel
Field3: EngineBase
Field4: EngineName

ADOConnection = EnigmaConnection
TADODataSource = dsEnigma
TADOTable = tblEnigma

If you need more details, I'll provide.

Thanks in advance.