Hey guys,

I'm currently developing my web system utilizing PHP and MySQL (5.1.51 - community).

I just recently installed Ozeki server and set up the necessary database and service provider connections. I also added the ozekimessagein and ozekimessageout tables to my schema.

ALTHOUGH... I added four columns to the ozekimessageout table: two varchar(45) and two INT(10)'s.

Whenever I INSERT into the ozekimessageout table, it receives my request(s) and ozeki processes it for me. I get the text messages too.

Although is sometimes, the messages are not sending, even if the status of the message is on 'send'.

I checked the database user interface and found out that it does not see the newly inserted values in the ozekimessageout table.

This is the message that displays under the Events tab - 11/6/2011 1:00:11 AM - INFO 3535: Outgoing message found in database (total 0 messages)(Repeated 300 times).

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong? I can't seem to understand the error. Thank you!