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Thread: buttons on web from controls

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    buttons on web from controls

    When working with a C#asp.net 2010 web forms, I am wondering if you can take the 'buttons' out of a control and place them somewhere else on the webform and still have them work? I would want those buttons to still refer to the asp.net control that they were originally associated with? I am referring to buttons like insert, delete, and update. In particular I am asking that question about the listview, formview, or detailview control? If this is possible, I am wondering if you can tell how how to accomplish this task and/or point me to a url that I can use as a reference to complete this task?

    In addition when working with the buttons within the web form application and preferably not within the asp.net control, can I perform other programming that needs to occur? If so, can you tell point how this would be accomplished? Would I need to put the code in a certain method like a page_load,pre_init, a certain click event?

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    Re: buttons on web from controls

    Could you elaborate? Did not get your questions. Are you trying to move the logic written in the button click event to some other place?
    Hope this helps. If it does, then rate it.

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    Re: buttons on web from controls

    The user does not want the buttons in the web form control. This user wants the buttons to be out of the control. Basically somehwere else on the web page.

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