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Thread: How to make multiple selections from a tree control?

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    How to make multiple selections from a tree control?

    I would like to be able to sweep the mouse cursor down over a 'simple' CTreeCtrl list in order to capture the text therein. Something analogous to a CListCtrl, where separate items could be selected using the [Ctrl] - mousel click and contiguous items could be selected using the [Shfit]-DownArrow, etc.

    I know this can be done because I've seen it in another app. But how to do it. Must be some means of modifying the control style or subclassing the control.

    Any suggestions (other than 'why don't you just use a CListCtrl') most welcome.

    Here's a starting point demo. I found this. It works but the code is a bit difficult to follow at first glance.

    A multi-select tree control class
    By The Chard July 25, 1999
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