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    Is there a list of .Net exception codes?


    I have a complex ActiveX DLL written in MS Visaul C++ 6 and called from a C# application through COM Interop. It appears there may be a memory leak in the ActiveX DLL. I tried to run the application through the MS Visual C++ debugger, specifying the C# executable as the startup program. The program immediately through an exception with an error code of 0xE0434F4D. There was no explanation available.

    As I was searching the Internet for the error code, I came across a page discussing the use of WinDBG to track down exceptions. By chance, the exception used to illustrate the article had the same error code. It was a System.ArgumentException. Sure enough, when I checked my program, I realized that I had not supplied a required command line argument.

    Is there a table or web page or some such thing that lists exceptions that can be raised in the .Net world, and what error codes would be associated with them in case they show up in an old-style debugger?


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    Re: Is there a list of .Net exception codes?

    I'm not sure how up to date his book is (mine is .NET 1.1), but Adam Nathan's COM and .NET Interop book has such a table, mapping Win32 error codes to .NET exceptions and back.

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    Re: Is there a list of .Net exception codes?

    Quote Originally Posted by teramorphous View Post

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