New, nerve cells saving and easy to use application for all applications/web developers and designers, amateur and professionals, freelancers and company employed. This is a must have program for those that value time and wants to do their development and design tasks being relaxed and amazingly quickly.

- Measure given layout image in any way you need;
- Compare layouts side-by-side. Drag designers masterpiece to the left window and screenshot of your version to the right one and see all inaccuracies (so you can correct them before anybody sees 'em);
- Ease your live with Magic Match - search your background image for equivalents of objects you drop to xPix;
- Automatically get any object height and width;
- Measure distances between any objects on design;
- Determine exact coordinates of text box to be placed on screen;
- Grab the color tone in RGB, HEX, % color values of desired spot;
- See background picture size;
- Copy/Paste all and any info you need to clipboard for easy transferring to your development code;
- Use almost any image file type and more;
- Save your nerve cells (that do not recover).

This is the app for developers, that get that super-duper fancy (or quite good) app/web design form their team designers and now face the challenge to adapt it for iOS, Android device or a web page. And on the other hand this is the same app for designers who are fed up with developers asking for font sizes, distances between (randomly) picked objects and coordinates. That's why this is the app that saves both parties nerve cells.

xPix is not Photoshop (or such like) app, which is huge and has a lot of unnecessary and unused features and therefore is hard to learn, overloads your Mac and is expensive. Our new application is light on your computer system, is easy to learn and use, and is only focused to do the things it is meant to do right, without any unnecessary additional functions.

Application was born in the hands of our great developer, who needed a specific tool for a specific purpose. So it canít be better when the product is made by a person for himself.

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