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    Question RPC and Existing Code

    Hello All, I am not familiar enough with RPC, and what I find through MS and general WEB searches about RPC seem more superficial. Is it possible to incorporate RPC into an existing application that at present does not utilize RPC? I guess what I am getting at is this . . . Does an application need to be developed as RPC enabled from the start, i.e. the entire application needs to be RPC, or can RPC be achieved through a single added class using the IDL (MIDL) and then passing all remote calls through the RPC enabled class? Thank you in advance for any and all assistance in this matter.

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    Re: RPC and Existing Code

    In fact, it depends. The most important factor is how good you are at RPC. And I suppose you're not. RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call, where Procedure is the key point. In case your application has good defined procedures, neatly designed for being called internally as well as externally, there won't be any problem with turning your app to RPC server.

    BTW, pure RPC is a rare bird in contemporary programming. The more commonly used incarnation is (D)COM, in Windows world of course. Another one, the most modern concept of it, is web service.
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    Re: RPC and Existing Code

    Thanks for the response . . . I really do appreciate it. I will be looking into DCOM, however, I don't know if Web Services are the ticket, I will probably have to look into that as well just to be sure. Again, Thanks,


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