We are a Research and Development group at one of the world's most respected and prestigious Investment Banks.

Our team are looking to hire experienced computer scientists to aid in the research for a new development language that will be implemented into our core infrastructure world-wide.

This is a huge project. Currently, we are responsible for writing the base black-box frameworks which are used by all the technology groups internationally. This can range from “template” financial libraries that can be edited to price derivatives and performance libraries which can be used to analyse our existing code and draw out bottlenecks which hinder our ability to implement our daily functions efficiently.

The success of this group over the last 5 years has led to vast gains in our technology reputation both externally and internally. Within the firm, we are notorious for being a knowledgebase or “go-to” for other technology developers in the bank to seek solutions for their complex programming problems. Our desk has reduced the red-tape usually associated with starting new projects or editing existing code so people can focus on solving more complex issues and be better programmers.

Our problem now is the very code we write in has its limitations. Due to the intricate nature of our work, we feel that rather than forcing a language to work for us, we can create a bespoke language that is specifically designed to work in our bank.

Our aim is not to change the way the bank is run. We simply want to re-write our existing base frameworks in a different way so they can do things more efficiently. Other technology groups within the bank will not have to write code differently; just the platforms they execute on will be using alternative pathways for the same solution.

We are looking for a developer who has the following experience/skills:

- 4-8 Years in a highly reputable technology firm (i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
- Candidates from start-ups are especially welcome.
- Can demonstrate extraordinary proficiency in either Java or C++.
- A PhD or MEng in Computer Science.
- Can exhibit a passion and enthusiasm for remarkable technology (i.e. blogs, awards etc..)
- You must be able to demonstrate you are highly competent in security. You must be comfortable that if given a piece of code, you can quickly and meticulously show areas of the code that are susceptible to exploitation.
- As an individual - it’s in your nature to question why things are the way they are.
International applications are welcome.
In return, we pride ourselves on the ability that we can offer better career growth than our competitors.

We also can provide you with a highly generous compensation package, including a bonus related to the profit and loss of the desk that you work closely with.

Should you wish to be considered for this role, please call Sean Sinclair on +44 (0) 203 145 1511 or mail s.sinclair@westbourne-partners.com with an attached CV.