Intersoft Solutions, a global vendor specializing in ready built user interface controls for ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF, today announced the official release of WebUI Studio 2011 R2.

"Earlier this year our team delivered the industry's most advanced data presentation components for Silverlight and WPF development," said Jimmy Petrus, the chief executive officer of Intersoft Solutions. "We are proud to announce that the best .NET tool set just got better. R2 now comes with highly advanced scheduling controls, state-of-the-art ribbon controls, a powerful SQL report viewer, sophisticated flow document viewers, dozens of innovative UI controls, and time-saving project templates."

"The new R2 release adds advanced line-of-business controls that strictly comply with design and architecture best practices," said Andry Handoko, the chief technology officer of Intersoft Solutions. "Developers can now defy many real-world application scenarios such as displaying SSRS report natively in the Silverlight or WPF applications, add rich scheduling functionality, and integrate Office-style ribbon bar with decoupled command pattern."

MVVM-ready Scheduling Controls for Silverlight & WPF

UXScheduleView is the industry's first Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) ready scheduling control. This richly featured set of UI elements instantly adds interactive and scheduling capabilities to Silverlight and WPF applications. With features such as comprehensive recurring event support, integrated navigation, multi-level grouping, user-friendly form editing, and interactive drag-drop; it permits working with fairly large datasets while fully supporting both display and edit modes.

UXScheduleView ships with four built-in views: DayView, WeekView, WorkWeekView and MonthView. Each view is tailored to the challenges and requirements associated with its time segment. For instance, MonthView events automatically adapt and expand to fill the available screen real estate.

Featuring full MVVM support, UXScheduleView allows direct display and editing of events data without additional proxy classes or interfaces – thanks to the MVVM-ready architecture. This also allows connecting to the data service of choice – whether it’s WCF RIA, DevForce, or other services.

Eye-Catching Ribbon Controls for Silverlight, WPF & ASP.NET

Take business applications up-a-notch with the latest user experience enhancements including Office 2010-style Ribbon user interface controls. No matter the platform – Silverlight, WPF, or ASP.NET – the right Intersoft Ribbon control is always available in the Visual Studio toolbox. Better yet, these ribbon controls share a common API and sophisticated features such as adaptive layout, fluent resizing, rich button controls, and visually appealing contextual tabs. Take on the power of a design that conforms to the latest Office ribbon specifications. Select from dozens of button variants, the quick access toolbar, the application menu, the backstage view, and the state-of-the-art gallery.

UXRibbon is the industry's first Silverlight & WPF ribbon control that delivers sophisticated resizing capabilities without sacrificing performance. It provides a smooth and sophisticated user experience that users familiar the Office 2010 ribbon tools will instantly recognize and appreciate. These gorgeous ribbon controls do a splendid job of arranging a large number of application commands into easily navigated collections of tabs and groups.

Powerful SQL Report Viewer for Silverlight & WPF

The SQL Report Viewer control available in the new WebUI Studio 2011 R2 release seamlessly adds SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to Silverlight or WPF applications. The new viewer control even allows interaction with available reports at runtime. With impressive WYSIWYG rendering, the SQL Report Viewer control also includes many time-saving features that can be enabled with simple property sets, such as data exporting and printing. Export to popular data formats like Excel, PDF, and HTML – enabling users to process the information in their favorite spreadsheet application, with support for both Silverlight and WPF platforms.

Advanced Flow Document Controls for Silverlight & WPF

The new WebUI Studio delivers impressive new document functionality for Silverlight version 8 – such as document workflow frameworks and reader-friendly controls. With new document flow control lineups, interleaves document handling capabilities into Silverlight and WPF applications.

This key capability allows a host of new functionality – display corporate documents and letters, show HTML email messages, or even create a news reader. All of these options, and more, are now extremely simple to implement thanks to the comprehensive document flow framework which includes full table support, paragraphs, anchors, bullets, inline and block containers, to name just a few.

ClientUI's Document Flow is the industry’s most comprehensive document framework. It supports all basic elements such as paragraphs, inline and block containers, text styling and formatting – as well as advanced elements like figures and tables. Built on an API that works consistently across Silverlight and WPF platforms, it provides simplified document flow that’s cross-plaform compatible.

Stunning User Interface Controls for Silverlight & WPF

Enrich the appearance of business applications with modern user interface controls available in the new WebUI Studio. Amaze end users with the translucent window that leverages Windows 7 Aero-style visual glass effect.

Also new to this release is a fluid content control that smartly adapts to the content in a smooth animation. The control automatically detects the size changes every time the content changes, avoiding manual storyboard creation or rigid visual state definitions.

Innovative Data-aware Input Controls for Silverlight & WPF

WebUI Studio now ships with input controls that natively integrate to the QueryDescriptor component model, making it even easier and robust for MVVM pattern implementations. Among the enhanced data-aware controls are the Data Combo box and Data Search box.

The new Data Lookup – the latest addition to the data-aware controls lineup – replaces redundant lookup forms with intuitive, space-efficient lookup callout. With native integration to the QueryDescriptor, the Data Combo Box control easily binds the results to the ViewModel using MVVM pattern. It also features autocomplete-as-you-type capability and retrieves data from the server on demand.

Fine-tuned WebGrid Enterprise for ASP.NET

The new JSON data transfer format is introduced in this new release which helps prevent XSS attacks and significantly reduces data footprint compared to the XML format. Furthermore, ActiveX has been completely eliminated and is no longer a dependency in WebGrid Enterprise.

Time-saving Project Templates

Jump start business applications in minutes with the new predefined project templates. Built with the best user experience guidelines, each template is uniquely tailored to address different business scenarios. Predefined content, framework infrastructure and sample data are provided to get started quickly with a flattened learning curve.

Now Available for Download

With a multitude of new amazing controls across all .NET development platforms, WebUI Studio 2011 R2 is easily the most comprehensive .NET toolkit available in the market today. Software developers can download a free copy of 30-day fully functional trial in