I'm trying to get my graphics card model. Here's a piece of code I've taken from DirectX SDK Samples.

    IDirect3D9* pD3D9 = NULL;
    pD3D9 = Direct3DCreate9( D3D_SDK_VERSION );

    if( pD3D9 )
        UINT dwAdapterCount = pD3D9->GetAdapterCount();
        for( UINT iAdapter = 0; iAdapter < dwAdapterCount; iAdapter++ )
            D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 id;
            ZeroMemory( &id, sizeof( D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 ) );
            pD3D9->GetAdapterIdentifier( iAdapter, 0, &id );

	    return id.Description;
	return "UNDEFINED";
I know it just returns the first adapter found, it doesn't matter. The code works fine, but here's my problem:

In my case, it returns ATI Radeon HD 5500 Series. I currently have an ATI Radeon HD 5570. But it could be HD 5530, HD 5550, etc.
So, the question is, how do I get the exact model of my graphics card???

Thanks for your time.
I hope anybody can help me out with that.

Greetings, Jorge.-