Hi. I'm making a web page to search my photos.
On the client side, it is a simple form based page written in Dreamweaver. User types in a word and hits a button.
On the server side, it runs on PHP. Search is performed and results returned to form on client.
My page will show up to four images. If the search returns more than that, is what my question is about. I can stage the result and re-do the search each time, or save all the returned image numbers from the original search, to make only one call to php for actual search. Not sure how much data I can put into a hidden form. The results could be up to about 500 images, each requiring an int to be saved on the hidden form.
I want to keep everything on the form and not use parameters visible on the invocation line. I realize this is not perfect but it works for me. Any suggestions. Thanks, Larry (Olympia, WA)