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    [RESOLVED] Can i monitor the outgoing packets of other devices on my network?

    I'm writing an application that does certain actions based off of what my iPhone (using WiFi on the same network) is sending data to. I've got the packet-sniffing part down (I can sniff my own packets, from my computer) but i cant seem to catch the packets from my iPhone. It has a static IP and in case it somehow helps i have it set to "". Any help is appreciated. I don't really care how impractical/difficult it is because this is a rather important project. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Can i monitor the outgoing packets of other devices on my network?

    You can monitor one of two types of packets: (a) those that are passing directly through a network interface card (NIC) or (b) those being broadcast via WiFi

    For (a) you'd need to monitor packets from a computer upstream of the wireless access point:
    Internet <---> MONITORING COMPUTER <---> Wireless AP <---> iPhone
                                                         <---> Your computer
                                                         <---> Other devices on your network
    For (b), you'll need to set a wireless adapter on your computer into promiscuous mode. This obviates the need to have a computer upstream of the wireless AP. This website might be helpful: http://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup/WLAN. Otherwise,you should be able to Google around for more information.

    Note that you might need a dedicated wireless card for monitoring functions; not sure.

    Also note that it is illegal in most places to listen to traffic that isn't your own. While you seem to indicate you are using the tool to analyze your own traffic, please take care (especially if you set your wireless card into promiscuous mode) that you monitor only traffic on your own network.
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