Paid: Yes
Location: Bloomington, MN
Type: full time position
time frame: Open now

.NET Developer at the Nerdery

To apply, please go to

•Must have a strong understanding of C# and OO design
•Must be familiar with .NET 3.5+
•Must have SQL Server knowledge
•Strong familiarity with ASP.NET webforms development
•Strong familiarity with .NET Webservice Interactions (ASP.NET Webservices, WCF)
•Familiarity with ASP.NET MVC
•Familiarity with at least one ORM (LINQ to SQL, NHibernate, etc...)
•Familiarity and advocate of best practices (Standard Naming Conventions, Architecture)
•Bonus: Silverlight/WPF/XNA experience
•Bonus: .NET CF experience

Basic requirements for any new nerd
•Familiarity with version control. Bonus: Subversion. Nerd Cred: git and/or mercurial
•General understanding of project management principles. (Agile, Iterative, Waterfall)
•Strong work ethic, a drive for success and proactive attitude
•Experience working in small teams
•Strong communication skills
•Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
•Willingness to learn new skills
•A list of proud nerd accomplishments or other geekery
•Solid foundation of command line usage
•Familiar with QA and deployment processes
•Must be a friendly team player who enjoys challenges and learning new skills and techniques

Education and Experience
•Bachelor's Degree (B.S.) in Computer Science or four (4) years web development experience

Nerd Perks
•Developer-oriented workplace; work on a variety of compelling, challenging projects surrounded by nerdy supergeniuses
•Created by nerds, for nerds; 85% of staff has development background, including senior management
•Casual dress
•Free Breakfast, and convenient lunch ordering and daily delivery
•Team environment, collaborative learning environment, transparent communications
•Flexible 40-hour work week, set your hours
•Benefits package including a 401k, unlimited sick days
•On-site Yoga classes, massage service
•Dog-friendly, including monthly dog grooming
•Arcade games, Chess, Anime, daily hackysack; home of 20+ extracurricular clubs and room for the one you want to create
•Opp to advance career at growing company always looking for emerging leaders

To apply, please go to