I am very familiar with C# and have been tinkering with XNA to increase my knowledge as well as become familiar with programming techniques with an emphasis on game development.

One thing I feel as though I should learn is: networking. I believe one may also refer to this as "socket programming". My end goal would be to have obtained the knowledge of how to transmit data that could even be adequate for a first person shooter. However, I would be happy with just knowing how to transfer data such as a string from computer to computer (like make a super simple chat program).

I am an ABSOLUTE beginner with this and have only been able to find complicated tutorials/references that are for those who have at least basic knowledge of socket programming (and I do not).

Please help me with any information or resources you may know of.

PS. I have heard of lidgren, but I cannot find anything for the absolute beginner on this. If there are any other libraries out there that I could use AS A BEGINNER, please let me know