Hi everyone.

I need to access some Excel data using VB so that I can enter pre-set information, and the results will be filtered, then displayed, based on that information. I'd then like to send my songs, a spreadsheet and the compiled program to certain people that may want to use it, because they need a way to filter the songs, so they only get to see a list based on chosen criterium.

The compiled code would show a few lists, based on the data in the Excel sheet - Genre could include Acoustic, Club, Rock etc. so one filter would be "Genre". All filters should be available to chose from at all times, with the displayed results being shown as soon as the first filter is used. No tracks should show until that's done.
E.g. if the user chooses a genre, the program would show all songs associated with that Genre.
Then they could narrow the search by Speed - e.g. Slow, Medium or Fast so the results of the list would be further narrowed by selecting the speed, so they'd show ONLY songs that matched the chosen genre AND the chosen speed, and so on.

My questions :
Is this possible using the Excel sheet or do I have to export the data to a different format?
Are there any templates available or can somebody point me in the direction of a quick-start quide to VB, please as I haven't programmed since the 90's!