Hi everyone! I had a question about timed comments...

but first, a little about me, briefly.. I'm new to this forum for posting, but i've been reading threads on this site for a few months now.. seems like a decent place to get info... so, hello everyone! My name's Will, (musical moniker on soundcloud / fb etc is StrangeFlow, i make electronic music, funk, hip hop, etc... ) ..I'm 25, I'm in Lansing , Michigan, my hometown (but still have residency in NorCal, where Im trying to get back to in a few months) I have some experience programming but i'm sure not as much as some of the experts on here..

i dont know if it's bad etiquette to post a question in my first thread but i have a good question that hasn't been able to get resolved, and I figured someone on here might have some good advice..

Does anyone on here use soundcloud? they have a really nifty timed-comments bar, you can check it out on any soundcloud music page... Ive started seeing it on vimeo recently, I think it's something thats starting to catch on. Anyway,, I had an idea for a website, but the thing is, it would require a timed-comments bar. But.. my problem is, since I'm not as much of an expert as some of the people on here, what would it take to program it? I'm learning some C#, and I heard it would be that or php.. but.. I don't know.. any advice on that timed comments thing?

Any good points in the right direction would be extremely appreciated! Thanks everyone! I look forward to posting more in the future on this forum, and I'll gladly offer any of my advice on topics I am knowledgeable.