Define the Images in Headerfile ?
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Thread: Define the Images in Headerfile ?

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    Cool Define the Images in Headerfile ?

    Iam very new to Visual C++2010. Its my first project converting from C# to VC++2010.

    Actually I have a headerfile for my strings and variables to use with my whole project. But I don't know, how to define or declare the similar for images...Iam facing the problem like the below...

    For Strings....Below is good
    #define MY_STR "My Value" 
    System::Drawing::Image^ MyMainImge=System::Drawing::Image::FromFile("C:\\MyPrgCodes\\Images\\MyMenuImage.jpg");
    error C3145: 'MyMainImge' : global or static variable may not have managed type

    Any Ideas for me? Thanks
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