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    Question Keyboard Short cuts to open a program?

    I am quite new to the world of programming and i have started to learn C#

    What I wanted to do was have a program that opened a form when i typed a keyboard short cut (e.g. ctrl + J). I think id have to use processes? What would i need to research into to accomplish this?

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    Re: Keyboard Short cuts to open a program?

    You would need a program that can intercept keystrokes and look for the CTRL+J combination. I'm not sure how, but if you could develop a program that would hook all keystrokes sent to Windows and filter them for CTRL+J, you could do it... this article may help:


    The problem is capturing keystrokes from other processes, that's where the difficulty truly lies
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    Re: Keyboard Short cuts to open a program?

    If you want the form to open when someone presses this key sequence within your own program then that is rather simple. Using the keypreview property of your active form you can intercept keystrokes and have them tigger other code as needed.

    If you are talking about intercepting keystrokes from the destop or other application then that is a bit more of an issue.
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