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Thread: A dynamic DLL plugin system

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    A dynamic DLL plugin system

    Hi Programmer,

    I have an exe (app1)
    I have a dll (dll1)

    In app1, I want to load dll's dynamically from a directory.
    in the dll, I want to be able to access public methods in app1 and other dll's.

    What I am looking for build is a DLL plugin system which will load, manage and allow memory transfer between the DLL and the EXE.

    I want to know any opinion or any way you think it is bbet to do this.

    I guess i can use tools like P/Invoker( to generate an intermediate DLL (managed) and then use it in my dll1 files (by using dynamic dlls loading)
    Is there any way to do it in the memory?
    Any clue is appreciated

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    Re: A dynamic DLL plugin system

    have a look of MEF framework that's bundled with .net 4.0 framework

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