Dear All,
I m new to this forum. Thanks for welcoming in advance
I m new to VB 2008Express programming. I m into automation development of FMCG products using Micro-controllers. So,VB is pretty new to me. Well , all said..
I get real time data Barcode 2D from TCP/IP connection. My task is to compare the result do some Computation with them and Store the incoming Barcode and results into a Excel sheet in a folder. I m successful with the basic working.
Am currently working at slow speed of 1 barcode(22 char info) per second from the TCP/IP data (barcode scanner). Now, comes the real issue. I need to process atleast 5 barcodes per sec ( <200ms per process). I m partially successful with 3 Barcode per second(300 ms per process).
so, thats like 300ms per processing. I need to achieve less than 200ms for entire processing. I have used threads and timers. but I m unable to achieve.
Seems like storing in Excel takes more than 250ms.
Since i come from micro controllers background 1msec is a lotta time to process for me. I m not sure how much time does it take and trust me i find it difficult to guage the time here.
Please Help me with this. I m stranded with this issue and find no where to go.
Please advice me on the approach that i should be taking. I m attaching the code.
Thanks for viewing this.
Kindly Help me.