We’re a new App company with 25 apps either live or in development. We’re now looking to hire a full time iPhone programmer based out of Bangalore.

Your responsibilities will include integrating SDKs and APIs with our Apps, bug fixing and research of new techniques and methodologies.

No work experience is required, however you must have been through an iPhone training course.

- Must have good deductive and reasoning ability
- Must have your own mac
- Must have a mobile device (iphone, ipad or ipod touch)
- Must have an internet connection at home
- Must have a skype account with headset for voice calls

During the interview we will test you on your technical as well as logical thinking ability.

Unyqe has been founded by two highly successful IT entrepreneurs and has been in revenue since the 1st app was launched.

Please send your CV and Skype details to joseph@unyqe.com